Kauno lopšelis-darželis "Volungėlė"                                              

Legal form - budgetary institution                                                                                                      Address - Rietavo g. 20, Kaunas, LT -48256                                                                                     Office code 291640670                                                                                                                         Tel.Nr. 8 (37) 377602,  8 (37) 377605,  fax. 8 (37) 377602                                                                       Email: volungele@parabole.lt 


    A democratic, modern and distinctive pre-school institution that brings together the community to effectively deliver quality comprehensive services for children and families, is open to positive change, nurtures humanistic values, and effectively manages human and material resources.


    Kaunas kindergarten “Volungėlė”, an institution that educates children from 1.5 to 7 years, implements a holistic creative method, creating educational conditions for the education of children with different needs.


        1.To tailor the curriculum to each child and group of children according to the needs and abilities of the children.

         2. Analyze staff development needs to identify existing and missing competencies.

         3. Seek parents to be partners in a common cause, collaborative.

         4. Upgrade group environments by applying modern technologies in the educational process, improve outdoor environments by acquiring new tools.

Values ​​and Philosophy

     Values ​​- the goal is for the child to become: a dignified, free, creative personality; active in the community, tolerant of differences; successful learner. Philosophy - "Only freedom helps to develop freedom, only communion helps to develop social harmony and communion, only democracy helps to promote democracy." S. Frene